Travel - Lost and Found Kit

Picture of Travel - Lost and Found Kit

If you’re on the go, this kit is for you. You get 3 durable plastic tags with straps and rings (for luggage, backpacks, etc.), 2 adhesive tags for your favorite mobile devices, and 2 power cord tags for their chargers or headphones.
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Travel - Lost & Found Kit (USA)
Picture of Travel - Lost & Found Kit (USA)
Travel - Lost & Found Kit (Canada)
Picture of Travel - Lost & Found Kit (Canada)
Now Available in Canada! at The Source stores. Locate a Source store near you by clicking on Find Store.

Whether it’s your luggage, backpack, skis, shoulder bag, e-reader or whatever you may carry, FinderCodes gives you added peace of mind knowing your items are protected if lost.

This kit is perfect for frequent flyers, study-abroad students, day trippers, hikers, fisherman or any adventurer who doesn’t want to be slowed down by a lost item.


(mouse over each tag)
2 LARGE TAGS w/ straps
(for things like his and hers luggage, roller cases, carry-on items)
1 MEDIUM TAG w/ Stainless Steel Ring
(for things like cameras, backpacks, shoulder bags)
(for things like cells phones, Kindles, iPods)

FinderCode tags are easy to set up and use. All tags are made of durable materials that are both waterproof and tear-proof. And FinderCode tags never become obsolete, even if you move or change your contact information. All products come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

(Series 002)

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